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Common Spiders in Sacramento, CA

Are you curious about the eight-legged creatures that share your Sacramento home? From the harmless common house spider to the infamous black widow, we’ll discuss the roles these spiders play in our ecosystem and the potential risks they pose. Key Takeaways – – – 🐜 Sacramento Pest Control Service Get […]

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Cockroaches in California

Cockroaches are a prevalent household pest in California, posing health risks and distressing homeowners. In this guide, we’ll cover the types of California cockroaches, their habitats, attractions, and effective prevention and elimination methods.  Learn how to handle these cockroach problems and maintain a pest-free home with our essential information and […]

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost in San Diego, CA?

Living in San Diego is amazing, but pests can quickly turn that excitement into frustration. No one wants to deal with bed bugs, cockroaches, or termites. Lucky for you, we’ve got a comprehensive guide that can help any San Diego homeowner.  This guide covers all you need to know about […]

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Gophers in California (and What to Do About Them)

Gophers are an unfortunately common lawn pest in California. If one of the state’s five native species of gophers have invaded your yard, it’s essential to take action before these rodents cause serious damage.  Below is a breakdown of the gophers you might find in your yard and humane ways […]

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How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Sacramento, CA?

Navigating the world of Sacramento pest control can be daunting. This comprehensive guide will unravel the mysteries surrounding pest control costs in 2023. Read on to discover the factors affecting prices, types of pests, and treatment methods while arming yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Key Takeaways – […]

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10 Natural Ant Repellents

Did you know there are more than 10,000 species of ants? Some ants are highly destructive to your home, business, or commercial building. For instance, Carpenter ants will chew through wood, creating similar damage to termite infestations. They’ll burrow into wooden window frames, door frames, and wood beams in your […]

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Why Do We Treat for the Egg Cycle of Pests?

You grin with a smile of satisfaction. It’s been two days since you applied the cockroach control systems to your kitchen, and it looks like it’s working. A few weeks pass, and you’re pleased with your results. Then it happens. You see a tiny cockroach scurrying across the kitchen sink, […]

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What Does Mouse Poop Look Like?

Are you worried about rodents infesting your home? One of the easiest ways to identify the problem is to look for droppings, but what does mouse poop look like? Mouse droppings look like small black or brown pellets. They have a granular texture and are around a ¼ inch in […]

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