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Mosquito Fact Sheet

The occasional buzzing mosquito is nothing more than a minor annoyance, but what about when there’s a whole army of them? As temperatures rise, mosquitoes can become a serious problem and ruin far more than just an otherwise enjoyable summer day. Some of these insects carry dangerous and potentially fatal […]

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Dust Mite Fact Sheet

Dust mites are household pests that sneak in unnoticed. These tiny creatures can trigger allergies and worsen asthma, posing a hidden menace. This fact sheet provides vital information about dust mites, including their life cycle, origin, signs of presence, and potential health impacts. Most importantly, we’ll explore effective ways to […]

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Tick Fact Sheet

If you’ve ever been curious about those crawling creatures called ticks, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive fact sheet will provide all the information you need about ticks – their life cycle, origins, signs of infestation, and, most importantly, effective methods to eliminate them. Get ready to delve into […]

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Flea Fact Sheet

Beyond keeping your pet up-to-date on their tick and flea prevention options, you might not give much thought to the humble flea. But this tiny pest brings potentially massive consequences to the hosts it infests.  With hundreds of species of fleas in the U.S. and thousands worldwide, homeowners are up […]

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Bed Bug Fact Sheet

Bed bugs, those tiny nocturnal pests, can transform a peaceful night’s sleep into an itch-filled nightmare. In this exhaustive guide, we dive deep into the world of these unwelcome bed companions, discussing their nature, life cycle, stealthy ways, and methods to combat them.  So, whether you’re a landlord maintaining a […]

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Do a Few Bed Bugs Mean You Have an Infestation?

Maybe you noticed a few bed bug bites or blood stains, or maybe you caught one of those little apple-seed-sized trespassers in the act.  Perhaps after finding the evidence, you thought, “Well, there’s a difference between a few bed bugs and a full-blown infestation. Maybe this isn’t cause for concern.”  […]

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Friendly or Frightening? 7 San Diego Snakes to Know About

Seeing a scaly, slithering snake in your home or yard can immediately prompt panic. Snakes are common throughout San Diego County, especially during warmer months, but they can also be managed. Below, we discuss some of the most common snakes you might encounter and how you can deal with them […]

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