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Tips for Preventing Bed Bug Bites in Southern California

If you’ve noticed unexplained red welts or bites on your skin, these could be a sign that bed bugs are present in your living environment.  Bed bug infestations in California apartments and homes have raised concerns about the challenge of bed bug control and preventing bites to ensure a good […]

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Myth Debunker: Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs When Killed?

Let’s dispel a persistent myth about cockroaches: do they lay eggs when killed? This commonly heard notion may make you hesitate when encountering a roach in your kitchen. But is there any truth to it?  In this blog post, we’ll discuss the truth of this myth and provide valuable tips […]

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How to Find Bed Bugs in Southern California

When you pull back your sheets to hop into bed, the last thing you want to see is a colony of bed bugs. California is home to gorgeous sunny days, sprawling natural landscapes, and plenty of tourism opportunities. Unfortunately, that means it’s also a hotspot for pests, including the infamous […]

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Are Ant Bites Venomous? Here’s What to Know

Imagine delighting in a delightful sunny picnic, only to be rudely interrupted by a sharp, burning sensation from an unexpected ant bite. Next thing you think – are ant bites venomous? What symptoms can one expect, and how should they be treated?  This article delves into the world of ant […]

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Do Ants Hibernate?

The average home has more than 100 kinds of bugs living in it, and ants are one of the most common American pests. Ants disturbing a summer picnic or invading your kitchen counter on a rainy spring day are tales we all know well, but where do ants go in […]

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