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Mather Pest Control Service

Enjoy the peace of mind of a clean, bug-free home today, and never deal with unwelcome roommates again. Call us for same day service or fill out the form below to schedule your initial service at your convenience. From wasps to cockroaches, bed bugs to earwigs - our Mather pest control service has you covered.

  • ✅ Pest-Free Home Guarantee
  • Same Day Service Available
  • Kid & Pet Friendly Treatment

A Professional And Reliable Exterminator

Your Mather exterminator will be uniformed, professional, and licensed by the state. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured. But beyond these basics, you will find that your exterminator is professional and punctual, and will treat your home as they would theirs. We use the latest technology available in the pest control industry and have the experience to understand how and when to use advanced tools and when to use basic, old-fashioned hard work.

Get rid of those bugs today!

Reliable Exterminator

Why wait? Get those unwelcome guests out of your home with the most knowledgeable pest control team in Mather, CA. With our bug-free guarantee, you have nothing to lose...except for the bugs!

Simple Pest Management Exterminator

Reliable & Effective Elimination

Thorough Pest Control Company

Our integrated pest management includes our unique Simple Pest 30-Point Protection Program.

  1. Inspect - We'll inspect your property, identify current and potential problems, and explain our plan of action before getting started.
  2. Protect - Our initial treatment will eliminate pests and create the first barrier which keeps other pests outside and away from your home.
  3. Defend - Through regular, proactive treatments, your exterminator ensures your home stays pest-free, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

Local & Family Owned

Fast Pest Control Solutions

Your journey to freedom begins when you pick up the phone to schedule your first service with us. The magic unfolds as our dedicated team gets to work, exterminating every pest in sight, ensuring that your cherished abode is left as a pristine haven. Not just one pest, not just two, but over twenty different types of nuisances meet their end.

And the protection doesn't stop there, our shield of assurance extends beyond this first purge, offering continuous safety against the unwelcome guests. Simple Pest isn't just about eliminating pests, it's about reclaiming your peace, protecting your happiness, and restoring your comfort. Your sanctuary is our mission, fast pest control solutions, your new reality.

  1. Schedule your first service
  2. Get a pest-free home
  3. Stay protected from 20+ pests


Simple Pest Management Locally Owned

Do you need pest control in Mather?

Our team of pest experts is ready to take your call. We offer advice on pest control and a range of services to eliminate pests from your property. Don't let the pests gain control of your property. Call Simple Pest Management

Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Mather

If you own a residence in Mather, call Simple Pest Management to deal with your pest problem. Our team works with property managers, landlords, homeowners, and tenants. We offer pest inspections and estimates for any of the following properties.

  • Apartment Pest Control in Mather.
  • Duplex Pest Control in Mather.
  • Single Family Home Pest Control in Mather.
  • Condo Pest Control in Mather.

Experience to Understand

Commercial Pest Control Mather

If you own a business or commercial building, call simple Pest Management for effective pest control services in Mather. We work with building managers, business owners, and employees. Contact our pest control team for immediate assistance.

  • Pest Control Mather for Offices.
  • Pest Control Mather for Retail.
  • Pest Control Mather for Medical Centers.
  • Pest Control Mather for Restaurants.
  • Pest Control Mather for Schools.
  • Pest Control Mather for Warehouses.
  • Pest Control Mather for Supermarkets.
Commercial Pest Control

Our Range of Mather Pest Control Services

If you have a pest problem in Mather, contact the best pest control company at 916-909-7378. We have the team, skills, and products to eliminate pests from your property. We have decades of experience working with homeowners and businesses in Sacramento County area. We're confident we have the right pest control strategy for your property. Call our pest control team for a free inspection today.

Rodent Control & Removal Mather

Rodents, including rats and mice, are an issue for homeowners, businesses, and commercial property managers. Rats chew wiring and create fire hazards. Rodents and their droppings also carry parasites and diseases, spreading them through communities. Our rodent removal and control program ensures we eliminate these pests from your property.

Rodents Exterminator

Cockroach Control Mather

Turn the tide against relentless cockroaches with Simple Pest's Cockroach Control Services. These unwelcome guests can be a persistent nuisance, but our expertise offers the swift solution you need. Our advanced cockroach control methods track and exterminate each intruder, restoring the sanctity of your home. With Simple Pest, let your home be your fortress, impenetrable to the roach invasion. Take back control with Simple Pest.

Cockroaches Exterminator

Flea, Tick and Mite Removal Mather

Wildlife drops ticks on people's properties, and mites and fleas usually arrive on the backs of rats or pets. Simple Pest Management will eliminate these microscopic pests from your home or business premises. Contact us for a pest inspection of your property.

Flea, Ticks and Mites Exterminator

Ant Control Mather

Harness the power of Simple Pest's Ant Control Services to reclaim your home. These tiny invaders can create a mammoth of a problem, undermining your peace and comfort. But with Simple Pest, there's no cause for concern. Our advanced ant control measures trace and terminate every trail, leaving your home an ant-free zone. Say goodbye to unwanted picnics, as we deliver the effective solution you need. With Simple Pest, tranquility returns to your domain.

Ants Exterminator

Spider Control Mather

Confront your deepest fears with Simple Pest's unrivaled Spider Control Services. It's not just about the run-of-the-mill invaders, we tackle the true villains — the infamous Black Widow with its venomous allure, the notorious Brown Recluse that lurks in hidden corners, and the intimidating Wolf Spider, a fearsome adversary in any home. Each has a name, each a terrifying reputation, but to us, they're merely challenges waiting to be surmounted. With our expertise, these threatening creatures become powerless. Banish the nightmares, discard the fear, Simple Pest is here.

Spiders Exterminator

Silverfish Control Mather

Combat the quiet invaders with Simple Pest's Silverfish Control Services. These stealthy pests can silently damage your cherished belongings. But rest easy, Simple Pest is your shield. Our exceptional silverfish control finds and eradicates them from their hidden corners, ending their damage. No more ruined keepsakes or wallpapers. Trust in Simple Pest and reclaim your home from the silverfish menace. Enjoy peace of mind as we fortify your sanctuary.

Silverfish Exterminator

Carpet Beetle Control Mather

Defend your sanctuary against the elusive intruders with Simple Pest's Silverfish Control Services. These sneaky critters may quietly multiply and wreak havoc on your carpets and clothing, but fear not, for Simple Pest is your safeguard. Our carpet beetle control program is designed to seek out and eliminate these elusive creatures from their hiding spots, putting an end to their destructive habits. Place your trust in Simple Pest, and take back control of your home from these pesky critters.

Carpet Beetles Exterminator

Centipede Control Mather

Combat relentless centipedes with Simple Pest's Centipede Control Services. These unwelcome guests can be a persistent nuisance, but our expertise offers the swift solution you need. Our advanced centipede control methods exterminate these intruders, restoring the sanctity of your home. Take back control with Simple Pest.

Centipedes Exterminator

Mosquito Control Mather

With Simple Pest on your side, you can take back your space from pesky mosquitoes. No more swatting and scratching - just peace of mind knowing your property is mosquito-free and safe for everyone. Let us handle the mosquito problem, so you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about those bloodsuckers.

Mosquitos Exterminator

Earwig Control Mather

Our earwig control methods are designed to track down and eliminate every last critter, restoring your home to an earwig-free haven. Say farewell to those unwelcome creepy-crawlies and the nuisance they bring. With Simple Pest, serenity returns to your living space, and you can enjoy a bug-free environment once more.

Earwigs Exterminator

Why Choose Us for Mather Pest Control?

When you contact Simple Pest Management to handle your pest situation, you the following in your service level agreement with us.
Contact our team at 916-909-7378 for immediate assistance.

Proven process pest control icon

Proven Pest Control Processes

We developed our pest control strategies over decades of experience in the field. We have knowledge of the local area and how it affects pest behavior. You can rely on our team to deliver you a pest-free property.

Eco friendly pest control icon

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Systems

We use pest control products that meet 'Green Pro Certification,' suitable for use in California. Every Simple Pest exterminator is trained to handle and use these products safely and effectively. We care about the environment and ensure we don't harm the Mather ecosystem.

Licensed pest control icon

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Pest Control

Our business is established, licensed, and insured. We remove the risk of hiring people to work on your property. If anything happens while we're on-site, it's our problem, not yours.

Effective pest control icon

Fast, Effective, Pest Elimination with Lasting Results

Our pest control systems yield fast, effective, and consistent results for our clients. We're confident we'll take care of your pest problem with lasting results for your property. Simple Pest Management offers you elite pest control services in Mather.

Satisfaction pest control icon

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We include a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every job. We value our reputation in the Mather community as the leading pest control specialist in the Sacramento County area.

Savings pest control icon

Affordable, Competitive Rates

Simple Pest Management offers pest inspections and estimates and affordable prices on pest control services. When you hire us, you leverage our experienced pest team and knowledge, giving you lasting results for your property. Our transparent invoicing includes no hidden charges.

Pest Control near you

Service Areas

Offering pest control services in Mather and the surrounding areas.

Contact us for assistance anywhere in the Mather area, including Galt, Wilton, Sacramento, Rancho Murieta, Rancho Cordova, Orangevale, North Highlands, Natomas, Gold River, Antelope, and more.

Get a Pest Inspection and Estimate for Mather Pest Control

We offer pest inspections at properties across Mather. Our team has years of experience identifying pest infestations on properties throughout Sacramento County. We know what to look for and how to stop it from spreading.


Get a Pest Inspection and Estimate for Mather Pest Control

We offer pest inspections at properties across Mather. Our team has years of experience identifying pest infestations on properties throughout Sacramento County. We know what to look for and how to stop it from spreading.

Mather Pest Control FAQ

When you contract Simple Pest Management to handle your pest situation, you get the following in your service level agreement with Contact our team at (866) 887-7378 for immediate assistance.

Simple Pest Management works with pest control products complying with 'Green Pro Certification.' Our products break down into harmless compounds, leaving no impact on the local groundwater or run-off. Our pest control systems are safe for soil and the local environment - they are safe for your family and pets.

Simple Pest Management stops rodents from destroying your property and spreading disease in the community. Rats carry parasites like fleas, lice, and ticks and diseases like the Hantavirus; seeing rodents scuttling around your property is a problem.

Our rodent control solutions are designed to eliminate the rats, not your pets or the local wildlife. We care for the community of Mather. Our pest control systems are ethical and efficient, with no harmful effects on the ecosystem.

Yes, we offer free pest inspections. Our pest control experts know where pests like to hide on your property and will prepare a report and estimate after inspecting your property.

If you want to use our extermination services, we will eliminate the problems and prevent future issues with lasting results. Book your inspection today.

We recommend homeowners and business owners in Mather implement a preventative pest control strategy for their property. By taking action and stopping the problem before it starts, you keep your property pest free for the future.

The pest control requirements of properties depend on their size and nature. Single-family homes may require a monthly or bi-monthly approach, while apartments may need a bi-weekly or monthly pest control strategy.

DIY pest control usually involves leaving out bait packs or granules for ants, rodents and cockroaches. While these systems provide temporary results, they don't stop your pest problem. DIY pest control makes a dent in the pest population on your property, but it rebounds shortly after that.

With Simple Pest Management, you get a team with decades of experience handling all types of pest infestations in Mather. We know where to look to find the nest and eradicate the pests. Our services provide lasting results, and a preventative pest control program keeps them away.

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