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Termite Infestation Control


Termites can cause serious structural damage if an infestation is not taken care of immediately. As soon as you notice any of the following symptoms, be sure to call Simple Pest Solutions in Riverside for an inspection and further termite control services:

  • A substance that looks like mud appears on your windows or other wood surfaces
  • Wood that appears worn – termites excavate wood found in doors, windows, frames, and other structures
  • Swarming bugs around light sources; these are adult termites looking to create a new colony
  • Mud tunnels in the ground, most likely near porches, steps, terraces, and patios
  • Paint that appears buckled, or small holes in your wood structures

Our professional termite control technicians are equipped to perform complete inspections. We will start in the basement, crawl spaces, and other areas that appear as though there may be the beginning of an infestation. Don’t wait – call us at Simple Pest Solutions right away.

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